Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome to Beach Rose Cottage, Nova Scotia

Hi all,
I am so in love with life in Nova Scotia and the time we spend there that I wanted to share it all on a blog. In these entries I hope to pass along the feeling of being there, and why life, when you slow down and truly embrace being somewhere, how very  good it is for your soul. 
And how those good feelings stay with you for a long time, even when you're not there.
Our home is wee, but every room is filled with joy and things that evoke memories. I have quite a collection of cookbooks, and here I have lazy, long evenings to pore over them.
We have no TV and dial-up internet, and the gorgeous enormous backyard beckons at every moment.
I love to get up early (6:30 believe it or not!) and go out into the garden to be there in the peace and quiet as the sun slowly rises from the east. In our garden, there are a million happy tasks to do every day, so i spend a lot of time weeding, planting, transplanting and (with great hope) sticking rose stems into the ground all around the house and garage, hoping that they will root.
As the Friendly Giant  (a Famous Canadian children's TV show host) once said...
"Are you ready? Here's our castle."
Monica Forrestall
                                Beach Rose Cottage

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